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40 Sexual Turn-Ons that Arouse Men in Seconds!

40 Sexual Turn-Ons that Arouse Men in Seconds! Are you wondering what turns a guy on? Maybe you’re trying to impress your new bae and you need some advice. Learn what turns men on here.

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Do you find men to be somewhat of a mystery? If so, you’re not the only one! Understanding what turns guys on can be a revelation, but it can also add to the confusion. It doesn’t help that every guy is different and has their own preferences!

But, there are some common turn-ons for guys you can learn about to try to understand the man in your life a little better. Of course, you might be wondering why you need to know any of this at all. Don’t men get turned on pretty much anything?

Well, some do, but it’s a myth that guys only have to see a tiny flash of flesh to get all hot and bothered. It might not take much for some guys, but overall, it does tend to be a little more complex than that.

So, if you want to turn men on to the max, keep reading.

What turns a guy on and makes him crazy with desire?

Do you ever wonder if there are a few random turn-ons for guys that arouse them helplessly just by looking at you, even if you do nothing sexual at all? Or, the types of things you can do in a sexual situation that would drive him wild?

For a guy, physical appearances matter a lot when it comes to getting aroused. But appearances and assets by themselves don’t arouse a guy. It’s what you do with what you have that makes all the difference.

There are a few physical turn-ons for guys that are simply irresistible. These are the kind that drive him crazy and make him want to push himself against a wall, crotch first, because he can’t help himself. And even if he isn’t hard yet, his imagination will be racing with fantasies of all the things he’ll want to do to you if he only could.

Of course, it’s also interesting and useful to learn about what turns a guy on in the bedroom. Check out this list of turns-ons for guys below, with something for every situation!

1. Skin and skimpy clothes

Give a guy a little peek-a-boo, or flash him a bit of thigh in a flimsy skirt when he least expects it, and all he’ll want is more.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should walk around half naked. You simply need to flash a little bit of flesh, just enough to make him wonder about the rest!

2. Lingering touches

Guys love it when a cute girl gently touches them. It doesn’t have to be sexual, but as long as the touch tingles his sensation, he’ll feel tight around his jeans.

3. Close proximity

Ever found yourself standing in an elevator with a guy you like?

Stand close to his side, and he’ll have a lump in his throat. Stand behind him and let him feel your breath on the back of his neck and he’ll have a lump way below his throat.

4. A girl who flirts

Any guy gets helplessly drawn to a girl who can smile, flirt, and laugh back with a twinkle in her eyes. It makes him feel more like a man. And it also makes him wish you were his.

5. A sexually confident girl

A sexually confident girl is a huge turn on for any guy. Getting the opportunity to date a girl who can take control and dominate him in bed is a fantasy that all men dream of.

6. A girl who’s not sexually confident

Yes, a total contradiction! Men love the helpless damsel in bed. As much as they love a sexually confident woman, they also get extremely turned on by a virgin who knows nothing in bed.

It works two ways. He can please her like no man ever has. And no matter what, he’ll always be great in bed.

7. A shy girl who’s not so shy after all

There’s something about the cute girl next door with her little cute books and her cute attitude that guys like.

But when a guy dates this sweet girl and sees that she’s got more of a sexual wild side than he could ever have imagined, he’ll be tight around his shorts for many days to come!

8. A girl who can surprise him

Surprise your man with a few sexy tricks up your sleeve, and he’ll love you for it. Open the door for him wearing nothing but your sexy lingerie. Strip yourself off for no reason out of the blue and ask him to take you.

Shock him, awe him and surprise him, and he’ll desire you and get turned on by you forever.

9. Two women together

There’s almost nothing that turns a guy on more than watching two girls together.

A guy may like a girl. But bring two girls who can get touchy-feely with each other and his mind might just explode. It might be cliché, but it’s definitely one of the biggest turn-ons for guys.

10. Accidental touches down there

Have you ever bumped into a guy and accidentally touched him down there with your hand? Or have you sat down next to him and scribbled something on an iPad or a notebook when it’s on his lap?

If his member can feel your hand’s pressure, *however subtly*, we assure you, he’ll reciprocate with his own pressure upwards.

11. Accidental boob graze

It happens all the time, when you hug a guy, when you accidentally walk into a guy, or when a guy tries to catch you as your foot slips a stair.

If a guy gets to feel an attractive girl’s breasts, there’s little that can stop him from growing hard down there.

12. Accidental kiss

Accidental kisses don’t happen all the time, but when it does happen, it’s something a guy’s little head will never forget.

If you want to know about the best turn-ons for guys, this one is quick, easy, and very effective!

13. Lingerie and high heels

This one’s a lethal combination. It’s so sexy, there’s nothing any guy can ever do to resist a girl wearing lingerie and heels.

If you ever find out that your man had a one night stand with a random girl, there’s a good chance that she was wearing this. Or perhaps, just a trench coat and a hat.

14. Well-fitting clothes

This sounds rather refined and clean. And it really is. Guys get turned on by a girl who looks really hot in clothes that fit her well.

Just watching a girl’s breasts take shape in her perfectly fitting tight top is a definite turn on for any guy.

15. Sitting on his lap

Have you ever sat on a guy’s lap? Try it. As long as you sit in the right place, you’d feel something hard in less than a minute, even if the guy’s trying hard to concentrate on losing the erection.

The next time you click a picture with a cute guy, you know where to sit now, don’t you?

16. See-through clothes

Sheer white shirts and black bras on girls are every guy’s dream, especially if the shirt is wet.

Guys love it when a girl wears sheer clothes that are so thin and flimsy that all they need is a light source on the other side to see every curve on her body illuminated through.

17. Stiff nipples

Va va voom! Stiff nipples are a sight that no guy forgets, be it on a girl on the street or on the girl next door.

It’s every guy’s dream to pinpoint the exact location of a girl’s nipple. Help him out with that and his little member may just rise to give you a standing ovation.

18. Boy shorts

Guys love boy shorts on a girl with bare legs. The little sneak peeks of her cute butt when she bends low are almost always etched on a guy’s mind, never to fade away.

Wear one the next time you pick a piece of paper on the floor. You’ll probably find his jaw on the floor when you get up.

19. An aroused girl

Guys try so hard to turn a girl on with stolen glances, flirty words, and soft touches. But when he gets to see a girl that’s already aroused, be it on a dance floor, on a date, or even in his bed, there’s nothing he can ever think of but his swelling little head and a way to take her to bed!

20. The lingering cheek kiss

If you want a turn a guy on while saying goodbye to him, just try this.

Give him a goodbye hug, and as you kiss his cheek, let your kiss linger just a second longer than normal. You’ll definitely leave him visualizing the kiss in his mind and wishing he could get some more.

21. The kissing whisper

Pretend like you have a secret to say to him, and cup your hands in front of his ears. As you whisper something to him softly, make sure your lips touch his ear lobes a few times.

As long as you whisper softly without tickling him, he’ll feel helplessly aroused instantly. This is one of the lesser-known turn ons for guys.

22. Tattoos

Tattoos in strategic regions are a huge turn on for every guy because it gets his imagination running wild. It’s especially sexy if he can see a bit of the tattoo, but not all of it.

23. Midriff and lower back

Another of the big turn-ons for guys – there’s something really arousing when a bit of midriff or the lower back peeks out of a tee shirt like it was unintentional.

And if you have strong oblique muscles and a shapely lower back, the curves that stick out will make it hard for any guy to take his eyes away.

24. The downblouse

Even the most respectable guy can’t look away when an attractive girl bends down in front of him to pick something up, especially if he can sneak a peek of her cleavage. It’s a definite physical turn on for all guys.

25. Triangle thigh gap

The triangle thigh gap is the little triangle that forms between the thighs, and it’s extremely noticeable when you wear a pair of well-fitting jeans. If a guy who’s flirting with you sees this triangle between your legs when you walk up to him or walk away from him, all he’ll want is to get his face in there and snuggle up.

It’s true that not all girls can get the thigh triangle naturally, because it depends a lot on the body shape. The curvier the body and the wider the hips, the easier it is to have the triangle thigh gap.

So if you don’t think you can rock this physical turn on for guys, don’t fret because there are so many other things that you can do!

26. Boobs in general

Every guy is aroused by a good-looking pair of jugs. And if you want to turn a guy on, remember that you get bonus points for stiff nipples or not wearing a bra!

27. A perky, round butt that’s lifted up

Did your fitness instructor ever tell you that you need to do your butt lifts? Well, if you’ve been listening to them, you’ll definitely turn a guy on as you walk past him.

Butts are sexy, and just as impressive as boobs to a guy. A sexy round butt just makes a guy want to put his hands all over it!

28. Intense eye contact

Stare at the guy you like for a second or two from across the room before you look away, and let him know you want him.

As long as it’s mischievous and flirty, it’ll make his heart race in seconds and it’s one of those turn-ons for guys that always works.

29. Hair

A girl’s hair is an extremely sensual asset. You can do so many things with it to turn a guy on and attract him.

You can run your hands through its length to look sexy, or you can twist the strands at the side of your face to act flirty and coy at the same time.

30. The professional tease

Every guy is turned on by a tease. Walk right up to the guy while staring at him, but instead of talking to him, just say ‘excuse me’ and walk right past him with a teasing smile.

And as you pass him, stare into his eyes, smile, and say ‘thank you.’ It’ll boost his ego, and make you irresistible to him!

31. Long legs

If you want to turn a guy on, accentuate your legs by wearing heels. But if you’re not comfortable with heels, well-fitting clothes and short skirts work their magic just as well.

A pair of feminine legs is something that always catches a guy’s eye, and is a real physical turn on for guys even when you’re walking away from them.

32. Curves

The hourglass figure is an irresistible asset that all guys admire in a girl. It’s one of the turn-ons for guys that’s pretty well-known.

After all, wider hips in a woman are an evolutionary sign which instinctively tells a man that she’s ready to procreate – true or otherwise! Accentuate your curves and the guys will definitely be turned on by them.

33. Make it clear that you want him

As women, we’re taught to believe that we shouldn’t let a guy know we’re interested in them. But both men and women want to feel desired.

There’s nothing wrong with having sexual feelings towards someone. It’s okay for him to know you like him; it’s okay for him to know you want him. It will also make him more confident because he isn’t going to be scared of rejection.

34. Turn up the dirty talk

When it comes to sex, whether you’re a man or woman, it all starts in the mind. If you’re not mentally aroused by each other, the sex will be less than impressive. Be verbal and express what feels good, what you like, and what you want him to do.

It’ll get his imagination rolling, and that’s exactly what you need if you want to learn about turn-ons for guys.

35. Keep an open mind

However, if you’re not comfortable doing something, you don’t need to do it. Being open-minded has nothing to do with following his orders. But if he’s into something that you don’t really like, don’t judge him for it. Everyone is into different things.

If you’re open to trying new things, make sure you have a safe word.

36. Have a sexy make-out session

You don’t need to go for a long make-out session. Sometimes having a short make-out session is more passionate. Does it have to lead to sex? No. But with enough intensity, it’ll build up the tension between you for the next time you see each other.

37. Sext up a storm

This is a great way to turn a man on when he’s miles away from you. You don’t need to wait the whole day until you see him to turn him on. Instead, carry it out through the day with sexts.

Whether it’s a naughty selfie or a “thinking of you makes me wet” text message, it’ll hit the spot.

38. Make some noise during sex

One problem many men have comes down to noise. Some men feel women aren’t loud enough when having sex. Some people are naturally quiet, but other women are nervous to let go.

You don’t need to yell, but let yourself go enough to enjoy the moment and express your feelings.

39. Give him compliments

But only if you mean it. We all love being complimented by someone we like; it gives us a little ego boost and makes us feel good that we’re desired. Partners need to show each other that they want one another. If not, the spark will fade.

Give your partner genuine compliments, and they’ll be all over you.

40. Suggest watching porn together

Can you imagine the look of sheer joy on his face when you suggest watching porn together? It’s sure to turn him on!

There are some titles on the market that are designed for couples, so find the best option together and settle yourselves down for some sexy fun!

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