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8 Places You Should Touch Your Woman

8 Places You Should Touch Your Woman. The importance of touch in a relationship cannot be overemphasized. Touching your woman is one way you can strengthen the bond between you two. However, it is not every part of a woman’s body that you need to touch. In this article, we would take a look at some areas where you can touch your woman and make her feel your love. Here are the regions:

1. Neck and shoulder: Most women love it when their men touch their necks and shoulders. You can touch the front or back of her neck. There is no need for her to be undressed before you touch her neck or shoulder.

2. Inner Thighs: The skin of a lady’s thigh is sensitive to touch. As such, you should draw your woman close and rub her thighs.

3. Her ears: Whenever you are sitting with your woman in the sitting room, try to play with her ears. You can tease her by stroking the back of her ears with your finger. You can also play with her ears by using your mouth to hold them.

4. Her mouth: Whenever you want to say some sweet words to your woman, you can be doing that and touching her mouth at the same time.

5. Lower abdomen: This is another sensitive area in a woman’s body. You can make your woman feel loved by playing with her lower abdomen region. Touch it in a way that would make her laugh.

6. Her lower back: It is good for you to touch your partner in this region when she is pregnant. This would make her have the feeling that you acknowledge what she is passing through. You should also touch your woman at her lower back after the day’s stress. This touch would make her feel relieved.

7. Her feet: After a stressful day in the kitchen and with the kids, your woman would need you to massage her feet. She might not tell you, but she would feel loved if you rub her feet.

8. Back of her knees: There is a way you would touch your woman in this region that would make her laugh.

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