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Why are some men reluctant to give oral sex to women?

Why are some men reluctant to give oral sex to women? Believe it or not, some guys just don’t like going down on women – much to the woman’s chagrin. So, what are some of the reasons that hold them back? Here are a few.

1. He is insecure about his own body

As strange as it might sound, some guys don’t like going down on women because they think that she will feel obligated to reciprocate.

Now, that would sound amazing to most guys. But some men are insecure about the size of their package or how it looks.

Another reason he could be insecure is that he doesn’t know how his body will react when he’s giving oral sex to the woman. He could be worried that he won’t get hard or she won’t get wet. And if that happened, they would be embarrassed.

2. Bad past experiences

A guy might have had an experience with previous partners that has caused him to dislike giving oral sex at all. It could be anything from how the women smelled “down there,” to being worried about being judged that they’re doing it wrong.

There can be a lot of pressure on guys to perform well during sex. This can leave some of them scared to mess up or make any mistakes. And if he happens to have a perfectionist personality, this could be especially problematic for him.

3. He feels used

Maybe a guy’s nature is to be a “giver” in all areas of life. And if that’s true, then that’s not a bad thing, right? Well, it could be.

Maybe he has been with women who always demanded oral sex and never did anything to reciprocate.

After a while, he might have associated oral sex with being used or being “subservient” to a woman. For a man’s ego, it doesn’t feel good to be subservient. So, if he has always been the giver and never *or rarely* the receiver, then he might be resentful too.

4. Deeply rooted traumatic experience

No one really likes to talk about child sexual abuse but this could be an issue for your man. He could have had some deeply-rooted traumatic experiences with oral sex when he was a child.

If he was sexually abused, he is also more likely to battle mental health challenges like PTSD *post-traumatic stress disorder*.

If this is true, then oral sex can be triggering for him. And he might worry that if he gives oral sex, he might be expected to engage in other sex acts that he isn’t comfortable with.

5. Selfishness

One very common answer for why a man might be reluctant to give oral sex to a woman is just that he’s downright selfish. He could be a selfish person in general, or just in bed. But usually, what goes on in the bedroom is indicative of what kind of person they are outside the bedroom.

A lot of guys are just more concerned with their own pleasure instead of a woman. They are more preoccupied with getting their orgasm through sex and aren’t thinking about how much the woman is enjoying – or not enjoying – her sexual experience.

6. He just doesn’t enjoy it

Finally, there might not be any underlying reason why a man doesn’t like going down on a woman. It could just be that he doesn’t like it.

Everyone has different things that turn them on, and maybe giving oral sex just isn’t one of them for him. It might have nothing to do with the woman he is with, it’s just his own preference!

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