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Sex Tips

Great Shower Sex Tips

What’s the one thing that tops seeing your partner naked? Seeing them naked AND wet, obviously.

Shower sex is an exciting fantasy but it can be awkward if you don’t know the right way to do it. Follow these tips to have sex in the shower and enjoy it!

Ready to have a wild time under the shower?


Great foreplay leads to great sex and the same is true in the shower! Before diving into sex; first enjoy all the sensations of your two wet, naked bodies together.

Take time to wash each other, making sure to get extra soapy! As you clean your partner you will get to explore their whole body, touching places that may be hard to reach in the bedroom!

The woman can also sit on the guy’s lap for a while and wrap her arms around him if there’s enough space. Both of you will feel good in each other’s arms, and at the same time, the slippery bodies will start to make everything feel more sexy.

Even if you’re not too comfortable with giving an oral to your partner at the end of a hard day, don’t worry about it when both of you are under the shower. Running water always makes things feel moist and fresh. The best part: It won’t be a one sided pleasurable activity.


The best position for shower sex is undoubtedly a variation of doggy style. A bending over standing position is the best option.

Just put one foot up on the edge or have him hold your leg, as you bend forward, supporting yourself on the wall. Tell him to hold your hips as he’s doing his thing so he can pull you towards him for deeper penetration.

Another comfortable position is when both of you stand facing each other and the girl places one leg a little higher on a wall or a firm rest. It doesn’t matter which position you choose. The important thing is to avoid those cramps and slippery situations.


Having sex in the shower is meant to be exciting, not comfy. Just like a quickie, it’s something that’ll give you a sexual high but not the cozy warmth of your bed. Enjoy the sexual high, but avoid constantly changing positions. Stick with one unless one of you get a cramp or feel uncomfortable. Don’t fidget around or move about a lot. Pick a position and spend a few minutes at it in the shower. You’ll enjoy having sex in the shower a lot more this way. Try too many things and you’ll kill the mood.


Always make sure you’ve got a firm footing. It’s very easy to slip on a watery surface, especially when your mind’s occupied with sex. Don’t rest your foot on anything you think may not take your weight. In fact, it would be best to avoid resting your foot or body against anything that’s not as safe as a wall or the ground. And always remember to keep any slippery objects like soap bars away from your feet. It’s better to be safe than twisted and sorry.


You might think that things don’t need any help to get wetter, being covered in water and all, but think again.

Having lube in the shower is obviously a great sensation on top of the heat from the water. make sure you use silicon lube as it’s waterproof. Just be careful not to spill any as it’s incredibly slippery.

If you can’t get the logistics of shower sex to work for you, then just use the shower as a warm-up and move on to the main event using other props in the room.

Have him bend you forward over the sink and enter you from behind. If you’re lucky then you’ll be able to watch yourselves going for it in the mirror.

Having sex in the shower is a great way to break up the routine of ‘normal sex’ (as in sex in bed, on the sofa, etc.) The sensation of having hot or cool water running over your bodies as you’re making love stimulates you in a completely different way and makes things very exciting

Take it slow and easy. Pick a comfortable position. Use these tips on how to have sex in the shower, You’ll definitely experience better shower sex and want more of it too!

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