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Erotic Stories

How I Fucked My Daughters Best Friend

How I Fucked My Daughters Best Friend. Being a single father to a teenage daughter is probably one of the hardest things in the world. My wife Jennifer died tragically when our daughter Clarissa was only young and for the past few years working and raising Clarissa has consumed my life. I haven’t been able to get out and meet any women and the worst thing about that is that I have the sex drive of a rabbit stuffed full of aphrodisiacs. I have sacrificed any semblance of a love life or social life for my daughter because she means the world to me.

“Daddy, can Selina stay the night?” Clarissa asks bouncing into the living room in a pair of jean shorts and a white form-fitting tank top.

“Of course she can,” I tell her.

“Thank you.” She chirps giving me a quick kiss on the cheek before skipping out of the room, no doubt going to get Selina.

The day is unbearably hot so I make a pitcher of fresh lemonade filled with ice and then I change into a pair of shorts and head out to the pool with the pitcher and a glass. I’m relaxing in the pool sipping the lemonade when I hear the backdoor open and then footsteps and giggles approach the pool.

“Hi daddy.” Clarissa says sweetly at the same time that Selina speaks.

“Hi Logan.” Selina says, she has always called me by first name because she has grown up with our family and is almost like a second daughter to me.

“Hi baby. Hi Selina.” I greet the girls who walk over and quickly slip into the pool.

I get my first look at the girls as they relax into the pool. Clarissa is wearing a sky blue bikini that matches her eyes and the dyed streak in the fringe of her wavy blonde hair. I know it sounds a little perverse but I can’t help but admire my daughters body, she has grown into a stunning young woman, slender and graceful with an athletic body, A cup breasts and a bubble butt.

Selina is wearing a skimpy red bikini that leaves very little to the imagination and stands out against her tan skin. Her tan skin, straight dark brown hair and deep amber eyes show off her middle eastern heritage, all of this combined with her C cup breasts, perfect ass, long legs and naturally pouty lips make her an absolute knock out beauty, she knows this and she like to flaunt it.

I’m certain that the pair of them draw the lustful stares of men everywhere and drive the boys at school wild. I know that Selina always draws my gaze.

“Can we have some lemonade daddy?” Clarissa asks swimming up next to me.

“Got any glasses?” I ask her but she shakes her head.

“I’ll go get them.” Selina says pulling herself up out of the pool.

I stare at Selina out of the corner of my eye not wanting to stop looking at her because her bikini bottoms have ridden up basically giving her a wedgie and exposing almost all of her ass. I don’t want to stare at her outright because of Clarissa floating in the water right next to me.

“Got them.” Selina says loudly as she skips over to the edge of the pool near Clarissa and myself.

She places the two glasses on the floor and I pull myself out of the water to pour a glass of lemonade for all three of us. We laze around drinking our lemonade with Clarissa still in the water and me and Selina sitting near each other with our legs in the pool.

After finishing our glasses of lemonade we decide to start swimming properly and Selina’s competitive side brings out my own competitive streak and we end up running through a bunch of competitions. We race each other to see who is the fastest, we see who can hold their breath underwater longest, who can hold an underwater handstand the longest and a bunch of other challenges. Clarissa takes after her mother and isn’t overly competitive so volunteers to be the judge while she just lounges around sipping on the fresh made lemonade.

“Pizza?” I ask the girls, I don’t feel like cooking and want to order takeaway.

Both girls sound excited by the idea so we all climb out of the pool and make our way inside. The girls go and shower while I order a couple pizzas, when they come back downstairs dressed in their pyjamas I head upstairs to take a quick shower.

Standing in the shower I remember how Selina’s bikini bottoms had ridden up, I then think about all her playful actions and her stunning body and I feel my cock grow. I grab my hard cock and stroke it furiously to the afterimage of Selina in her bikini and then some of the outfits I have seen her in like the miniskirts, the extremely low cut tops and the form fitting T shirts that cling to her curves. Suddenly the image of her on her hands and knees with my cock stuffed in her mouth pops into my head.

“Oh fuck, Selina.” I moan quietly shooting a massive load of cum at the drain.

I wash my cum down the drain and switch off the shower. As I step out of the shower I swear I can hear footsteps rapidly walking away but I put it down to my imagination and dry off before putting in a pair of joggers and a baggy T shirt.

I stand looking at myself in the mirror for a minute feeling disgusted with myself that I had just masturbated to my teenage daughters best friend, I feel even more disgusted when I remember my mental image of Selina on all fours with my cock in her mouth. I’m brought out of my trance by a soft knocking on the bathroom door.

“The pizza’s here daddy.” Clarissa’s voice comes through the closed door.

“Ok, go tuck in honey I’ll be down in a minute.” I tell her.

I hear her walk away and I splash cold water on my face to snap me out of these perverse fantasies, I shake my head hoping that it will help but the thoughts linger even as I walk down the stairs to join the girls for our meal.

The girls are sitting on the sofa watching an episode of an animated comedy with plates on their laps and two mostly full pizza boxes on the table in front of them.

“We brought a plate in for you.” Selina tells me looking around at me with a smile.

“Thank you.” I say walking over to the sofa and sitting in the only spot left, right next to Selina.

I can’t help but steal glances at Selina as we sit and eat, laughing at the animated antics on TV, she is wearing pyjamas just like Clarissa is, but Selina’s pyjamas consist of a pair of tiny short shorts and a big baggy T shirt. Her tan legs are long and look so smooth and I have images of me burying my face between them flash through my mind, I have to try and subtly shift so I can hide my hardening cock but I’m not sure how successful I am when Selina glances at me with a confused smile on her face.

At around midnight we are all yawning and decide it’s time for bed. Clarissa and Selina head for Clarissa’s room and I head for my bedroom, my cock is still rock hard and is throbbing and in desperate for some relief. I close my bedroom door, boot up my computer and load some schoolgirl porn. I’m watching a teen girl in a schoolgirl outfit getting fucked hard from behind when I hear a moan that isn’t coming from the single earphone I have in my ear. I glance over to look in the direction of the moan and see Selina in the doorway.

I jerk around and try to hide my cock but as I do my earphones are pulled out of the computer and the sounds of the teenage girl moaning and getting fucked hard blare out of the computer. I scramble to try and turn off the porn but in the end I only manage to pause it.

“What the fuck Selina?” I snap turning back to the door to face my daughters best friend.

Now that I’m turned towards her I can see her properly and I can see that her shorts are around her ankles and she has one of her hands buried between her legs.

“I. I. I.” She stammers trying to speak.

I start to speak but I’m stunned into silence when she takes her hand from between her legs raises it to her mouth and licks it. I feel my cock twitch watching her pornographic display and I wonder what the fuck is happening. Selina walks forward into my bedroom, turns around and closes the door behind her, she then kicks her shorts off her feet so that she is wearing nothing from the waist down and then starts to walk across the room towards me. My mind is spinning as I watch Selina walk across the bedroom putting extra sway into her hips, so many fantasies whirl through my head but even though I want to I know I can’t do anything with this girl.

“What’s this?” She asks a teasing tone to her voice.

I watch horrified as Selina presses play on the video and watches with rapt attention as the video blares to life and the girl in the video moans loudly her face contorting in pleasure as she orgasms.

“Mmm hot.” Selina purrs, “don’t you think she looks like me?” She asks looking around at me through half closed eyes, “well maybe bigger tits but it’s close.”

The girl in the video does look just like Selina that is the reason I chose this video, I thought if I can’t fuck Selina I can at least watch someone who looks like her get fucked.

Selina pauses the video and turns around to face me and I can’t stop myself as I look down at her legs, her pelvis with a small strip of dark pubic hair and the barest glimpse of the secret treasure between her legs.

“Is that why you’re watching this? Because she looks like me?” She fires the questions at me rapidly before giving me a large cheeky grin, “is it because you want to fuck me?”

Her voice on the last question is quiet and husky and I can tell that she is aroused and I wonder if she knows that I do want to fuck her.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me Mr. Palmer.” She whispers.

I’m taken aback by her words she has never called me Mr. Palmer, it’s always been Logan.

“I know you like to stare at me. I know you want me.” She purrs running her hands over her T shirt covered breasts and biting her lower lip as she looks into my eyes which can’t seem to stay focused on her eyes. My eyes flick from her covered breasts to her naked hips and then to her lips.

“So why don’t you just take me?” She asks quietly moving her hands from her chest to mine.

“It’s easy.” She tells me sliding her hands down my body and knocking my hands away from my cock.

“You just take this.” She purrs as she grabs my cock making me moan, “and put it in her.” She takes my hand and slides it between her legs and against her pussy.

Selina moans as my fingers make contact with her wet pussy and for a moment I lose all sense and I rub my fingers all over her pussy before zoning in on her clit.

“Yes, don’t stop.” She moans as I stroke her clit.

“No.” I snap jumping to my feet and knocking her backwards against the desk. Her moans had brought me out of my trance like state and I know that I can’t do this.

“We can’t, it’s wrong, you’re a kid, my daughters best friend.” I snap backing away from her and trying to pull my trousers up.

“I’m legal and what Clarissa doesn’t know can’t hurt her.” She says advancing on me, “I’ve wanted you to fuck me for years now.”

I collapse onto the bed, sitting there with my trousers still around my ankles and my head in my hands. I want so badly to fuck this gorgeous young girl who is practically throwing herself at me but while she is of legal age she is still so young at 20 years my junior, she is also my daughters best friend. I truly don’t know what to do.

“I want this, you want this. Lets do this.” She says sitting on the bed next to me and placing her hand on my leg.

“N…no we can’t.” I stutter my refusal sounding weak even to me.

I feel Selina run her hand up my leg and onto my cock which she wraps her hand around and starts to stroke. I lean back and moan as she strokes my cock alternating between quick short strokes and long slow strokes. Suddenly she takes her hand away making me groan from the abrupt loss of stimulation.

“Still think we can’t do this?” She asks.

I don’t speak as I sit up and turn to look Selina in the eyes.

“No, this is happening now.” I tell her knowing that my desire has beaten my common sense, “put your hands up.”

She looks confused at my request but she does it anyway and when she does I grab the hem of her T shirt and in one quick motion I pull it up and off exposing the rest of her body. I admire her perfectly shaped and perky breasts topped by a gorgeous pair of dark brown, rock solid nipples. I practically rip my T shirt off before I put my hands on her shoulders and push her down onto the bed, she gasps sharply at my actions but her gasp quickly turns into a moan when I move my head to her breast and suck a nipple into my mouth.

I run my tongue around and over her nipple for a minute before switching to her other nipple and repeating my actions. I take my mouth from her nipple and trail soft kisses down her body until I reach her legs where I plant a kiss on each of her thighs before using my hands to part her legs. I bury my face between her legs planting kisses all around her pussy but not actually touching her wet pussy until I suck her clit into my mouth.

“Oh my god.” She moans arching her back and pushing her pussy hard into my face.

I start my oral assault on her delectable pussy alternating between licking her clit as I suck it into my mouth and fucking her wet hole with my tongue. While keeping up my oral stimulation I run my hands up her thighs across her pelvis and stomach until I reach her firm breasts. I massage her breasts and then roll her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of my hands, she moans louder as I do this and then suddenly her thighs clamp around my head and I know she is having an orgasm.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.” Selina moans over and over as she shakes from her orgasm.

Her back had arched during her orgasm but as it dies down she flops down onto the bed. I take my face away from her pussy and look up at her, she is looking down at me over her breasts with a dreamy smile on her face.

“Fuck me Mr. Palmer.” She says breathlessly.

“It’s Logan not Mr. Palmer.” I snap.

“Please fuck me daddy.” She say daddy in the same way Clarissa does when she wants something, this turns me on in a very perverse turn of events.

I trail kisses up her body tasting the thin layer of sweat on her skin until I reach her mouth where I kiss her lips deeply, I snake my tongue into her mouth before we swap and her tongue enters my mouth.

“Mmm yeah.” Selina moans when I reach down and rub my cock along her pussy.

I line my cock up with her opening and push. The head of my cock slides easily into her where I pause, I don’t know if she is a virgin, if her hymen is still intact or not.

“Come on fuck me.” She growls pushing her hips up trying to force more of my cock inside her.

“Eager aren’t you.” I tease reaching down and pushing down on her waist forcing her back onto the bed and making her groan.

“Please fuck me.” She groans trying to fight my downward pressure.

I don’t say anything as I take my hands away from her waist and slowly push all the way inside her. She is so tight, hot and wet and it has been so long since I’ve been with a woman that I almost lose control and blow my load right then but I manage to gain control. I start to move slowly letting her get used to my 9 inch cock invading her tight hole.

“Faster, harder.” She demands after a couple minutes of my slow yet deep strokes.

“Just remember you asked for it.” I warn her and give her a deep hard kiss.

I thrust my entire length inside her then rapidly pull out until just the head is left inside before slamming all the way back inside her. I fuck her hard and fast making her cry out as I slam into her over and over making us almost bounce off the bed with each thrust, I would be more gentle but her cries of ‘don’t stop’ and ‘more’ spur me on.

“Don’t stop, I’m close, please don’t stop.” Selina basically begs as I pick up the pace feeling my own orgasm rapidly approaching.

“I’m cumming daddy.” She screams.

For a split second the face beneath me with eyes closed and mouth open in a silent moan of ecstasy isn’t the face of Selina but is Clarissa, my daughter. Almost as quickly as her face changed it changes back and the girl beneath me having an orgasm is once again Selina.

I feel her pussy start to pulsate around my cock as an orgasm hits her. The feeling of her pussy contracting from her orgasm pushes me over the edge and I slam my cock deep inside her and cum. I shoot rope after rope of cum deep inside Selina’s tight teenage pussy.

Panic sets in almost instantly as I remember I’m not wearing a condom and I’ve just shot a huge load of cum deep inside my teenage daughters best friend.

“Shit, oh shit.” I gasp as panic consumes me. I try to pull out of Selina and stand up but she wraps her legs around me holding me inside her and smiling up at me.

“Relax, it’s ok, I’m on the pill.” Selina tells me obviously sensing my panic. Her words help to defuse my panic.

“That was amazing.” She says before leaning up to kiss me.

“I really needed that.” I tell her smiling down at her with my softening cock still inside her.

“They’ll be jealous.” She whispers to herself.

“What? do some of your friends at school have crushes on me?” I ask jokingly. Her eyes widen and she looks at me with surprise.

“I… Well… a couple.” She stumbles over her words making me chuckle.

“Maybe some closer to home.” She says.

“What do you mean ‘closer to home’?” I ask.

“Have you ever thought about doing this with Clari?” She asks.

“What? No. She’s my daughter.” I snap angry that she would suggest such a thing but I’m angry at myself too because when Selina called me daddy it made me think of Clarissa and it turned me on even more, I also saw Clarissa’s face when Selina had her orgasm while I was fucking her.

“Just give it some thought.” She says softly.

I pull out of her and roll over so I’m lying on my back next to her. I’m annoyed that she would suggest such a thing but I have to admit that the idea of fucking my daughter gives me a kind of disgustingly perverse thrill.

“I should go clean up and get back to Clari’s room.” She says rolling over and giving me a quick kiss on the cheek, “I hope we can do this again.”

“Oh, I’m sure we will.” I tell her meeting her eyes.

I give her a soft slap on the ass making her giggle as she stands up and puts her T shirt on and picks up her shorts.

“Think of me next time you wank.” She says cheekily, tossing her shorts over to me before walking out of the bedroom and quietly closing the door behind her.

Once she is out of the room I raise her shorts to my face and take a deep breath, they smell strongly of her pussy and I know that I will have to fuck her again and again, as many times as I can.


I walk down the hallway feeling my best friends dads cum slowly leaking out of my pussy, I’m not heading to the bathroom to clean up like I said I would but instead I’m heading straight for Clarissa’s bedroom.

“I’m guessing by how long you were gone that you got your way.” Clarissa says putting down her book and smiling up at me from her bed.

I don’t answer her and instead reach down to my bare pussy and slip a finger inside, when I pull it back out it is covered in Logan’s cum. I can see that Clarissa’s attention is focused entirely on my finger like it’s the most interesting thing in the world, I slip my finger into my mouth and greedily suck all of the cum from it. I hear her groan as she watches me eat the cum off of my finger, I look up at her and see the anguished expression on her face, I know exactly what she wants.

I plunge another finger inside my pussy and when I pull it back out it is once again covered in Logan’s cum, Clarissa can’t stop staring at my finger covered in her fathers cum. I take a couple of steps towards her and raise my finger towards her face, Clarissa lunges forward and wraps her mouth around my finger and licks all of her dads cum off of it quickly, moaning softly as she does.

“I’ve got more if you want it.” I tell her smiling at her cheekily.

“Yes.” She whispers breathlessly.

I sit on Clarissa’s bed, lean back and spread my legs. Her eyes are focused hungrily on my pussy and she is blushing deeply.

“Come get it then.” I tell her.

She lunges across the bed and buries her face against my pussy licking and sucking furiously like an addict trying to get her fix. I use my pelvic muscles to push some of Logan’s cum out into his daughters mouth, she moans as she licks and sucks on my pussy.

“You’re gonna make me cum.” I moan as she frantically eats me out trying to get as much of her dads cum out of my pussy as possible.

I cum hard and push more of Logan’s cum out of my pussy and into Clarissa’s mouth. I come down from my orgasm but Clarissa is still frantically licking and sucking my pussy.

“Stop, stop, I can’t take anymore.” I groan pushing her head away from me.

“God, I want him to fuck me so badly.” Clarissa says leaning back at the opposite end of her bed.

“I might have told him that he should consider fucking you.” I tell her and by the look on her face I can’t tell if she is excited or annoyed.

“What did he say?” She asks quickly.

“He got angry, too angry.” I tell her.

“You think he might actually…” She trails off not needing to voice the rest of her question.

“I don’t know but I know he wants to fuck me again.” I tell her.

“But…” She trails off looking dejected.

“Don’t worry we’ll convince him.” I tell her before adding, “maybe the three of us can spend some fun time together.” I say wiggling my eyebrows at her suggestively.

“I’d like that.” She says smiling widely, “now come on, give me all the details.” She lies back on the bed.

I crawl up the bed and lie down next to Clarissa and drape an arm over her stomach before speaking.

“It was amazing.”

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