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Erotic Stories

How I got fucked on the train

I’d found myself in a corner of the packed train, mentally preparing myself for the mind-numbing journey home. I gazed out of the window at the lights from the buildings sparkling in the frosty air.

At this stage of the journey, the stations were frequent. More people got on than got off. Bodies moved about. I was lucky to be able to stay where I was.

A bump on my arm roused me from my mundane thoughts. A stocky man had just moved next to me. A short while later a young woman ended up with her back to him.

I went back to my mindless window gazing.

A few minutes later the train jolted over some points and the man bumped against me again. I looked at him and was surprised to see that his hand was down the front of the woman’s open jeans.

His hand was moving quickly. I had no doubt that he was fingering her pretty hard. She was wriggling about. I couldn’t tell whether it was enjoyment or she was trying to get away.

Seeing that was so hot. One of my fantasies is to be used by a strong confident stranger. He looked strong and confident and he was obviously using her. He appeared totally unconcerned as he worked his hand between her legs. Oh! to be her.

The more I watched, the wetter I became. I put my hand up my skirt and played with myself. I wanted skin to skin contact so I ripped my tights, pulled my knickers to one side and pushed two fingers into my wet hole, wishing it was me getting fingered.

The train slowed down for the next station. The young woman broke free and pushed through the crowd towards the door. As she left the man pushed his hard cock back into his pants.

My stop was the next one and it was about ten minutes away.

While the train was stopped I felt the urge to have him use me. Could I make my fantasy a reality? I wasn’t sure if he would want to do anything to me. I was older that the other woman. I wasn’t as pretty, or slim. On the other hand, maybe he was just using her because she was there.

Maybe if I could get him started, he might just do whatever he wanted to me. As the train moved off, I moved in front of him and pressed my bottom to him and wriggled about.

He didn’t react at all to that hint.

I unfastened my jacket, reached behind me for his hand and put it on my breast. I think that surprised him as he pulled it away. I put put back again and he took the hint and started to massage me. I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm. My nipples were rock hard, threatening to break through my bra.

He took the second hint when I pulled my skirt up. His other had went between my legs and found me wet. He pushed two fingers into me and went at it hard and fast. The orgasm that was building came closer and closer. I was desperate for release. It wasn’t long before the dam burst and I came hard.

The heat ran through my body from my pussy to my neck. I could feel myself getting red. Fireworks were going off in my head and I soaked his hand. My knees went weak and I would have been on the floor if his hand wasn’t keeping me up.

His fingers left me and I felt empty.

I wasn’t empty for long. The back of my skirt was soon up and his cock was stiff between my pussy lips. Oh! My God, he’s going to fuck me, on the train with people around. I was trembling at the thought.

After a bit of adjustment for position, I had the wonderful feeling of the head of his meat parting my lips and sliding into me. I felt so full. One hand pulled my blouse out of my skirt, slid up and pushed my bra over my boobs and I groaned as his fingers played with my nipple

There was no finesse. He just started to pound me. I heard his whisper.

“You’re a fucking filthy slut. You’ve got my meat up your wet cunt and you don’t know who I am. That’s what you are, right?”

I was outraged. I’m not a slut. Hang on, that was me. He just described me.

” Yes.” I gasped

” What are you?”

“I’m a fucking filthy slut with your meat up my wet cunt.” This dirty talk was making me wetter.

He kept on pounding me and I had to put my hand in my mouth to muffle my screams as he pushed me over the edge again.

Just like the Energiser Bunny, he kept on going and going. I don’t know where he got his stamina from. His meat was rubbing against my G spot and my fluids were flowing. I was shaking from one continuous orgasm. This was the best fuck I’d ever had. I don’t know if it was him or the situation but I was sweating as the heat spread though my whole body.

His next words were.

“I’m going to blow now. I’m going to fill your slutty cunt with my spunk.”

Before I could say anything I felt the flood of wetness as he pumped his load into me. He pulled out of me and wiped his dick on my skirt. I quickly set my knickers right to stop his come from running down my leg.

The whole thing with me was about five minutes, but it was the best five minutes ever.

The train slowed for my styation. I quickly got my boobs back in my bra and tucked my shirt in.

As I stepped off the train I felt his spunk dribble into my knickers.

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