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How to Tell When a Woman Is Having a Real Orgasm

She looks like it, but you’re unsure. Well, how to tell when a woman is coming isn’t taught in school. Now it’s time you learned this new skill.

Ah yes, the mysterious orgasm. No one really seems to understand the female orgasm and with good reason. It’s not as obvious as the male orgasm. You might even wonder how to tell when a woman is coming and if it is possible to predict.

For years, people have tried to understand it through books, movies, and studies. In Hollywood, it seems the female orgasm is as easy as saying one-two-three. In reality, it’s far from the truth. Many women have yet to experience the female orgasm. Leaving even them in the dark about what it feels like.

So, what do they do instead? They fake it, which isn’t good. Not only does the woman lie about having an orgasm, but it also prevents their partner from understanding what they’re doing wrong.

How to tell when a woman is coming

Orgasms didn’t happen for me until my mid-twenties. Prior to that, I had no idea what an orgasm was supposed to feel like. And yes, I did fake them, but at the same time, I also thought I was having an orgasm.

If you don’t know what it feels like, how can you know the difference? It wasn’t until I was honest with my partner, that he wanted to take the time to help me achieve an orgasm. It took a lot of time and patience, but eventually, I had my first orgasm. It was a big thing for me. It completely changed my sex life.

So, understanding how orgasms work and knowing when a woman is coming is important. If she’s not having an orgasm, this is your chance to work with her and help her hit the spot. Every woman should have an orgasm, and every man should know how to support a woman in bed. It’s time you knew how to tell when a woman is coming.

#1 Every woman is different. When it comes to orgasms, everyone is different. Some women are more vocal, while other women will shake; it really depends on the person you’re sleeping with. So, knowing if a woman is having an orgasm can be a little tricky, but after a while, you’ll start to notice small things which can indicate an orgasm.

#2 You feel her vagina clenching. You’re going to feel it when you’re inside of her. When she’s close to having an orgasm, you’ll feel the inside of her vagina clenching, tightening up around your penis. This is a great sign that something big is about to happen for her, and for you.

#3 She’s making noise. It’s normal for women to make moans and screams when they’re having sex. But the sounds she makes when she’s about to orgasm are more intense than her regular sounds. You’ll notice the difference once you pay attention to it. But if she’s making noises, chances are she’s close to orgasm.

#4 She stops breathing. Not to the point where she’s not responding; that’s not what I’m talking about. When a woman is approaching orgasm, their thoracic diaphragm is clenching in rhythm with their abdomen, pelvic muscles, and butt. Since an orgasm is an intense sexual release, the whole body tightens, and the person holds their breath, waiting for the wave to crash.

#5 Can’t control her behaviour. You may notice that she’s shaking and losing control of her body, well, that’s all a part of the orgasm. A study from the University of Groningen explains why this happens. The area of the brain that controls emotions such as fear and anxiety completely shut down during orgasm. But so does the lateral orbitofrontal cortex which controls our behaviour.

#6 Her body starts to shake. During an orgasm, the body experiences myotonia, and muscle contractions throughout the entire body. There’s significant tension that gets built up around the muscles during an orgasm, and once the muscles relax, the body will shake. When you orgasm, you may experience this shaking as well. It’s the same thing.

#7 Her face says it all. Before she’s about to orgasm, you notice her facial expression changing. Women have a similar face to men when they’re about to orgasm. It’s like they slammed their toe into a bedframe – that type of expression. But with less pain associated with it.

#8 She’ll tell you. Now, yes, there are some women who fake their orgasms, but there are also women who will literally say to you, “I’m going to orgasm” while you’re having sex. Usually, they’re being honest. If you pair it with the following signs, then she’s probably having an orgasm. If she’s just saying it and completely limp, then it’s probably not true.

#9 The clit goes into hiding. You may have done everything right, and now, she’s about to orgasm. Great! But before she orgasms, you will notice her clit disappearing under her clitoral hood. This will happen right before an orgasm. So, if you notice her clit has gone into hiding, that’s a very good thing.

#10 Loss of breath. When a woman is having an orgasm, her breathing will increase, but so will her blood pressure and heart rate. This is why when having an orgasm; it can make you feel like you just ran a 10k. If she has a loss of breath, paired with some of these other signs, she probably had an orgasm.

#11 You don’t need to ask yourself. If you’re asking yourself whether she had an orgasm or not, she probably didn’t. With the signs above, you would be able to feel when she’s about to have one. Some of these signs are subtle, but most of them are pretty obvious and strong. You won’t be able to miss them.

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